Take Action: Great Lakes Funding At Risk

The White House’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement comes a week after the administration released its disastrous budget proposal. The budget would slash funding for critical programs, threatening the health of the Great Lakes and putting our drinking water at risk.

But the budget battle is just beginning, and Congress holds the purse strings. All budget decisions have to go through them, and you have a voice in this. Speak up, tell your representatives to protect our water.

When the news hit of proposed budget cuts to EPA and Great Lakes programs, both Democrats and Republicans spoke out. Now, it’s up to Congress to build a budget for the coming year. Tell your representatives that we need a strong EPA and well-funded Great Lakes Restoration Initiative to keep our water safe.

Cheer on our water champions and remind all our region’s elected officials why the lakes must be protected. Take action todaytell Congress that our water is worth protecting!


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We’ve drafted a letter to Members of Congress that outlines the issue and urges them to protect our water. You can use our letter to raise your voice for the Great Lakes--just enter your information and hit send. Make your voice even stronger by personalizing your message!

Use the text box to edit the letter, add to it, or start from scratch to tell your elected officials in your own words to protect Great Lakes funding!


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