Tell Congress to Protect the Great Lakes: 2018 Great Lakes Policy Agenda

Our Great Lakes are at risk, facing threats from invasive species to pollution to failing water infrastructure. We need strong policies in place to stop pollution and keep our lakes safe.

We know our water is worth protecting. And, while we’ve made progress, it’s going to take a lot more to keep our water safe, clean, and accessible to all in the region.

Tell Congress to protect the Great Lakes by supporting—and funding—the priorities outlined in our 2018 Great Lakes Policy Agenda:

  • Ensure Access to Safe, Affordable Drinking Water
  • Invest to Improve Outdated and Failing Drinking and Wastewater Infrastructure
  • Fund the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative
  • Preserve the Clean Water Act and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Support Existing Invasive Species Regulations
  • Prevent Asian Carp from Reaching the Great Lakes
  • Reduce Runoff Pollution, Unsafe Drinking Water, Closed Beaches, and Dead Zones
  • Reduce Plastic Pollution in Our Waters


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