Act Now for a Clean Lake Erie

Right now, a layer of slick green algae is forming on Lake Erie. Every year, agricultural runoff pollution causes massive harmful algal blooms to cover parts of the western Lake Erie basin. This year is no exception.

The harmful algal blooms undermine the region's economy and threaten drinking water for millions of people.

No one living in a Great Lakes city should have to anxiously wonder if their tap water is safe to drink, but for the millions of people living along Lake Erie, that’s their reality every summer.

Lake Erie – and every Great Lake – ought to be clean and safe for all people, not so polluted that it is a threat to our health and our regional economy.

After years of public pressure, we’ve seen some progress. But we need to keep up the momentum.

Enter your information and submit a letter to your governor or premier telling them we need bold leadership to rescue Lake Erie. The three jurisdictions are at different points in the process of cleaning up Lake Erie, and we’ve crafted a message for each.

Enter your zip code for a template letter, and feel free to edit:

  • Michigan residents - Tell Gov. Rick Snyder to support critical policy solutions to clean up Lake Erie and other waterways, including addressing the state’s failing septic systems.
  • Ohio residents - Thank Gov. Kasich for his executive order, “Taking Steps to Protect Lake Erie,” and urge him to keep up the momentum.
  • Ontario residents - Tell Premier Ford to enforce existing laws that keep nutrient pollution out of Ontario’s waterways.  

Enter your information to take action now!


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