Plastic-Free Great Lakes Pledge

Plastic pollution is a major problem in the Great Lakes and around the world. Researchers have found stunningly high amounts of tiny plastic pieces in all five Great Lakes, which provide drinking water for 40 million people. They’ve found microscopic pieces of plastic in drinking water, and even beer. Yuck!

You have the power to change the amount of plastic that ends up in the Great Lakes and the waterways that flow into them.

Sign the Plastic-Free Great Lakes Pledge today and take action to keep plastic pollution out of our Great Lakes.

I pledge to do my part to keep plastic out of the Great Lakes. I will:

  • Refuse single-use plastic items like straws, plastic water bottles, balloons, and other single-use plastic containers
  • Reuse by choosing to replace single use plastics with items such as reusable water bottles or reusable grocery bags
  • Get involved by joining an Adopt-a-Beach cleanup in my community or supporting businesses and policies that are working to reduce plastic pollution
  • Spread the word by sharing this pledge with friends and family, and urging them to keep plastic pollution out of the Great Lakes too.

Sign the pledge to help the Great Lakes and reduce plastic pollution